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Photos: Joel Tillmann, Marcus Krauthausen, Karsten Schneider

Home Workout Day #9

"Lockdown Triplet" Amrap 5 10 Shoulder taps 15 air squats -Rest 2 min-

Amrap 4 8 pogo burpees ( 10 jumping squats -Rest 2 min- Amrap 3 6 Pike push ups 5 squat high jumps Score: Total rounds Accessory “Jelly Bellies” 3 Giant Sets: 9 Front Plank to Pushup Planks – ( 45 sek Left Elbow Plank 45 sek Right Elbow Plank 15 Hollow Rocks 45 sek Left Elbow Plank 45 sek Right Elbow Plank 21 V-Ups

Rest 2:00- 3:00 min between sets. A “Giant Set” is not for time. We’ll move from one movement to the next with a purpose, but we prioritize quality over speed.

Home Workout Day #8


"Flight Simulator"

For time


As singles, unbroken singles, double unders, or unbroken double unders.

Strength Complete ten sets of: 10 tempo odd object press or HSPU (if you can do them) 45s FLR Hold (Front Leaning Rest)

*Put a heavy object over you head (I.e. a full/half full Kasten Bier oder Wasser, sandbag, dumbbells, etc.) go slower on the 'down' portion, press 'up' at normal tempo. Gymnastics Complete as many rounds as possible in 6 minutes 6 deck squats 6 V-ups or V-tucks Power Endurance

"Hulk Smash" Complete five rounds for time: 30 Straight-arm down ups 30 OH Odd object lunges (forward lunges or back or walking)

*If you have the space, this is an awesome workout for outside.

FLR Hold:

Deck Squats:

V-up and V-tuck:

Straight-arm down ups:

Odd object lunge:

Cat playing the piano:

Home Workout Day #7

Warm up:

3 rounds

20 Single Under

10 Gorilla Squats  (

5 Scapulla push ups (


Variante A

„The Chipper-Version“

300 DU

250 Air Squats

200 sit ups

150 push ups

100 jumping Jacks

50 reverse Burpees

Variante B

„Rounds for Time – Version“

5 Rounds

60 DU

50 Air Squats

40 Sit ups

30 push ups

20 jumping Jacks

10 reverse Burpees  (


Midline Core

Durante Core Complex

Den Complex immer unbroken durcharbeiten. Fangt ruhig in der ersten Woche mit 4-6 reps pro Station an und dann erhöht ihr jede Woche um einen Wiederholung. Wenn die Gym wieder öffnet machen wir den Complex mit 10 reps. Probiert es aus.

Durante Core

1) Hollow Rocks (10 reps)

2) V Ups (10 reps)

3) Tuck Ups (10 reps)

4) Hollow Hold (10 sec)

Pause danach so lange ihr wollt!